Hamburger Hill - 1988 by Samuel Zaffiri. Gives a good description of the fight for Hill 937 in which the 1/506 played a large role although the main battle was fought by the 3/187th Infantry.

Ripcord - 2000 by Keith Nolan. Excellent portrayal of the battles in and around Firebase Ripcord. Delta, 1/506th Infantry took significant casualties in this fight. Charlie company defended the firebase a month before the fighting took place.

Hell on a Hilltop - 2004 by MG Ben Harrison. Describes the enemy the US forces faced in the Ripcord battle and their inability to reveal the facts of the battles, many years later.

Viet Nam, a History - 1983 by Stanley Karnow. Excellent "big picture" book on Viet Nam.

Where we were in Viet Nam - 2002 by Michael P. Kelley. Invaluable reference book. Lists most firebases and camps with grid coordinates and provides other interesting facts about the war.

101st Airborne Viet Nam 1969 - published by 101st Airborne. This is more or less a year book mailed to those who served in the 101st Airborne in 1969.