(November 1969 to December 1970)

I think I told you when the platoon was hit on FSB Granite. I almost was a part of that action. First Sergeant Rollins gave me a choice to go on a six-day, six-man recon team or join the platoon. I opted for the recon team. We fortunately had no contact but we monitored the action on our radio periodically. I seem to recall Alpha Company getting hit and taking some casualties and also an MIA was reported. I remember that because it was the only time I heard of an MIA being reported.

April to May 1970: When James Lockett and Ken Longmire were killed from first platoon, our platoon (second) was picked up at dusk to evening the same day to reinforce. The only time we had an assault pick-up and drop-off that late. I watched the bodies of Lockett and Longmire (covered with ponchos) taken to the chopper.

I remember Ernest English. I was on LP a short distance from the night defensive position when he was killed. There was no enemy contact. He dropped his grenade in his position, killing himself by accident.

I was very close to Paul Allen Richards who was from San Antonio. I was with Bill Clous when Bill was wounded. Paul Richards was hit in the mid section by a trail watcher. (Possible medevac’d and the chopper went down?) On Byron Richard, I have no recollection on the details with his death. I was not with Paul Allen Richards when he died, but was told he was hit three times from a burst of fire from a NVA trail watcher. He died almost instantly. It happened off Fire Base Granite on 3/10/1970. He was my first buddy on arriving to Charlie Company. I and my wife met with his parents three different times in San Antonio, TX and as you may recall my son Paul, whom you met is named after him.