Charlie Company, 1-506th Infantry

During our Viet Nam tour, most of us below the company commander focused primarily on the men in our squad and with passing interest in those “bastards up at platoon headquarters.”  Most of us were separate from other platoons and occasionally had the company CP working with the platoon.  The company commander had to be concerned with the battalion staff, particularly with the battalion commander and operations officer and at least know who the colonels and generals were as they choppered in from time to time to check on the status of units.

This page is mainly “nice to know” information about the key people around Charlie Company.  The higher commanders had responsibility for planning and conducting combat operations so indirectly played a key role determining when and where Charlie Company met the enemy.

Division Commanders

MG John M. Wright, Jr.
MG John J. Hennessey (ADC-O, Sep 26, 1969)

Assistant Division Commanders

BG Henry J. Muller Jr. Spring 1969

3d Brigade Commanders

COL Mowery brigade commander in April 1968
COL Conmy was brigade commander in early 1969
COL Robert H. Siegrist, June 1969 to December 1969
COL Bradley, December 1969 through spring/summer 1970
COL B.L. Harrison followed Bradley probably starting spring/summer 1970
COL Gorman began Aug 13, 1970
COL Grange commander late 1970

1st Bn, 506th Infantry Commanders

LTC Enzo Klinner commander in Sep 67
LTC Ralph Puckett March 1968
LTC Robert Arter commander in July 1968
LTC Charles Bauer Dec 68 to May 1969
LTC James M. (John in some places) Bowers – May 1969 to June 30, 1969
LTC Arnold C. Hayward (Copperhead) – July 1, 1969 and killed July 11, 1969 near hill 996
MAJ Dale A. Burroughs (S3) – Cdr 7/12/1969 to 7/18/1969
LTC Leon McCall, Jr, 7/18/1969 to August 1969
LTC David R. Pinney (Warlock), August 1969 to March 2, 1970
LTC Hugh C. Holt (Checkmate), March 2, 1970 til about July 16, 1970
LTC Bobby B. Porter (Razorback), followed LTC Holt in July 1970 – about July 18 to Jan 17, 1971
LTC Keith A. Barlow followed LTC Porter. Was CO in April 1971.
LTC James Ryan late 1971


LTC Hadaway - Commander 3/5th Cavalry summer 1969

Charlie Company Commanders

CPT Allen Becker Sep 67 to Mar 68
CPT Charles L. Higgins Apr 68 to May 68
CPT Dennis W. Brewer May 1968 til ?
CPT Stymiest in command Nov 1968 thru early Jun 1969
CPT Reginald D. Moore, June 1969 to March 1970
CPT Mark A. Smith, replaced Reg Moore in late March 1970 and then commanded E Company
CPT Robert E. Abraham was commander Sep 1970 to Feb 1971
CPT Robert Lorbeer Mar 1971 to Sep 71
CPT Allen Bauman Sep 1971 to Dec 1971

Charlie Company First Sergeants

George Hinsch, Sep 1967 to Dec 1968
William Tucker, Jan 1969 to Dec 1969
John Rollins, Jan 1970 to Sep 1970
Jose Valdez, Oct 70 to Oct 71
Ralph Doerfler Sep 71 to Dec 71

1st Bn, 506th Infantry Staff

MAJ Klein, LTC Holt’s S3 – starts in March 1970
MAJ Lamb, Porter’s S3?
Major Dale A. Burroughs Bn S3 in May 1969 
MAJ Sterling M. Lewis, (Bn XO or S3?) in Sep 1969
CPT Lee J. Sullivan is Bn S2 in Nov 1969
CPT David M. Fishback Bn S3 in Nov/Dec 1969 and Mar 70
CPT Keith W. Veigas, S2 in June 1970; S3 in May 1970.
CPT Dean – Bn S4 in Oct 1969
CPT John M. Rhodes, 3100, HHC in Nov 1970 (Signal Officer?)
CPT Patrick L. Skinner – S3 Air in Oct 1969
1LT Rice Bn S2 in Dec 1969
CPT Andrew C. Gayle, S3 Air Jul 11, 1969
CPT Larson – S3 Air in March 1970?
MAJ Robert R. Waddell– XO or S3 mid 1969 – probably XO
MAJ Wesley W. Ford, Bn Exec Spring 1970 to Fall 1970
CPT Howard may be Bn S3 or S3 Air in Oct 1970
CPT Theodore R. Blaine, Signal officer  May 1970
LT Pete Falco, 1969-1970, S3 Air at some point
CPT Charles W. McInnis, CPT 1542, HHC May to Sep 70

Other company commanders.  Sometimes, platoons were placed OPCON to other companies for short periods of time.

CPT Riley, Alpha Co Cdr in Nov 1969
“Spartan” had A Co in May 1969.
CPT Lee J. Sullivan, B Co Cdr in May, 1970.
CPT Patrick L. Skinner commands D Company in Mar 1970.
CPT Gerard Miller – B Co Cdr in Nov 1969.  A Co Cdr in July 69.
CPT Don Workman commands Delta company in July 1970
CPT Donald L Beasley, D Co Cdr in Feb 69
CPT Harold Echols, A Co Cdr in March 1970.
CPT Robert M. Harasick, B Co Cdr – wounded July 6, 1970


Aviation Units

Aviation played a major role for us in Viet Nam.  We were transported by the UH-1 companies, supplied by the larger CH-47’s, and given recon and fire support by the OH-6 (LOH’s) and AH-1 attack helicopters.  Here is a listing of aviation units about the summer 1970 period supplied by Fred Spaulding who was the brigade S3 Air officer.


A Battery, 4/77th – “Dragon” – normally supported 1st Brigade
B Battery, 4/77th – “Toro” – normally supported 2d Brigade
C Battery, 4/77th – “Griffin” – normally supported 3d Brigade

2/17th Cavalry

A Troop “Assault” normally supported 1st Brigade
B Troop “Banshee” normally supported 2d Brigade
C Troop “Condor” normally supported 3d Brigade

326 Med had eagle dustoff







163d Aviation Company – “Roadrunner” was DS to 101st and had LOH and UH-1

A Company, 377th “Gunner” was DS to 101st

158th Aviation Battalion

A, B, and C companies had UH-1 aircraft

A Company “Ghostrider” normally supported 1st Bde
B Company “ Lancer” normally supported 2d Bde
C Company “Phoenix” normally supported 3d Bde
D Company “Redskins” had AH-1G and ran cover for lift companies

3d Brigade got the majority of aviation support as their AO was the most active.

101st Aviation Battalion

A company “Commanchero”
B company “Kingsman” – had UH-1 with rockets
C company “Black Widow” had UH-1 lift ships
D company “Hawk” had AH-1’s

Blohde HHC’s had aviation detachments

1st Bde – “Deadbone” = OH6A and UH1
2d Bde – OH6A and UH1
3d Bde – “Thunder” – OH6A and UH1





163d Aviation Company – “Roadrunner” – was DS to brigade in contact

chinhook159th Aviation Battalion – had CH-47’s (used as flare ships at night)

A Company “Pachyderm” – 1st Bde
B Company “Varsity” – 2d Bde
C Company “Playtex” – 3d Bde

478th Aviation Company – CH 54 flying cranes “Hurricane”

A6A USMC aircraft based in Chu Lai – night fighters

USAF aircraft used in daylight

3/5th Cav was a Divison Reconnaissance Squadron.  Had been with the 9th ID and 1st Cav.  Was with 101st from Aug 69 to Jan 70 and then went to 5th Mech Div.  Came back to 101st in July 1971.