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Tributes to Rick Marshall ...



Forty years ago, walking in the mud, getting soaked and staying wet for days, often standing side by side in foxholes looking out into the black jungle, little did we know that a bond was being created that would last a lifetime. We were dependent on each other, trusted each other with our lives. We shared meals, water, and even the goodies from care packages from back home.

You often made light of the times that were tough and just kept smiling. Sometimes it seemed our tour would be so long, but a year did pass and we went home.

At the end of our tour, we parted ways, got on with our lives, raised families (what a nice family you have). After no contact for about 35 years, some of us began reconnecting, and it seems like the years in-between were only moments. I'm so thankful that we did reconnect for these past six or seven years.

What great memories.

Rick, you are walking point now, but we're bringing up the rear. You're the only one that doesn't need any battle armor. Your battle is over. YOU will always be part of Charlie Company.

We love you, Rick.

- Your buddies from Charlie Company (prepared by Bruce Aaron)


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Mush Mouse 28 January 2011

While I sat with Major Zippo Smith this morning, having coffee at the
Starbucks by his mothers home, Brinky called and gave the boss the sad
news. Rick Marshall had died, "Mush Mouse" as he was known to his
combat peers. Rick was graced with the title Mush Mouse because of his
uncanny vocal resemblance to the cartoon character.
He was truly a special human being, never taking sides, nor creating
enemies. Rick was gracious, friendly, and always on an even keel. A smile
and a West Virginia drawl were his trade mark.
Whenever the company was on stand down and we all got a moment to
relax, Mush Mouse would visit all of us in our groups, be it drinking,
smoking, or loud music - any way we could get our ya’s ya’s out. Mush
Mouse did not partake in the remedies of relaxation, but remained a
steadfast friend to us all.
He was God’s man, good in his heart and soul and a good soldier.
My heart aches and my mind searches for glimpses of his smiling face.
He was my friend and one of a handful of humans I can truly say I loved,
Mush Mouse I will never forget you.

Mush Mouse was he,
So happy and carefree.

A friend and a soldier,
Whether you were young or older.

We served in a war far from home,
With Mush Mouse at your side you were not alone.

He was a good and common man,
At the sign of trouble he would offer his hand.

His voice was squeaky his frame was tall,
He was a soldier and a friend to us all.

Little did he know the toughest battle he would fight,
Would take him from his bonds and lead him into light.

When I spoke with Mush Mouse last,
It was Christmas from the year past.

Paisano, he said I am tired and need to rest,
I have a life and family that are the best.

My friend I said what you gave me I’ll always treasure!
It won’t be long and we’ll be together side by side and filled with pleasure.

Rick has broken the surely bonds of earth to see the face of God.
He was, my friend.

SAD (prepared by Sergio DeCarvalho)