Under the scorching sun of Vietnam


Under the scorching sun of Vietnam, a boy becomes a man.
A dustoff carries him from the valley where this story all began.
He was my right arm, my buddy, my brother, my friend. I feel a wetness
on my cheek and wonder if it will end.

As I listen to the rotor blades fade into the cloudless sky, I look down at my worn fatigues.....wondering why? Why you my friend? What will your last thoughts be? I know they are coming soon.
medevacWill they be of loved ones, home and comfort, or the pain of your terrible wound?

I have been told the war is over and to forget the mistakes you say, we made! What about our missing in action and prisoners of war, still in Vietnam today! Do you think their war is over and that their memories fade?

It is so hard to explain to those who just cannot understand! What it is like to see a friend die, in a far and distant land! Or feel the sweat, fear, and anger that turns a boy into a man!

Forget you say.........

There are thousands of names .. Engraved into a monument of polished marble black, and for each of those names, are memories of those who did'nt make it back!

wall sceneForget .....................

That's easy for you to say.....

You were not with them, when they met hell face to face and died that day.


Forget you say! Forget the fear, pain, and death.
We'll forget! Oh yes, we'll forget! .................................
When we take our final breath.