Unknown Land

Somewhere in an unknown land
Stands a lonely, but not forgotten man.
He's there to keep his people free
To live in Peace like you and me.
He fights by day, and prays by night
For tomorrow again he must fight.
He's counting his tour day by day
'cause home he'll go and home he'll stay.
He trudges along, wanting to rest.
Knowing he can't, he does his best.
While deep inside he sings a song
To ease the pain of a day so long.
The sight of war is an ugly one
But for him it's a job that must be done.
He dreams of the day when he'll go home
To the ones he loves and calls his own.
Why can't the world just live in Peace
When this asking the very least?

Lt. Joe Kenney
'Eagles Nest' Vietnam
killed in hostile action, June 23, 1969